Dentures have long been used as a solution to replace missing teeth. But advancements in dental care mean that modern-day dentures are a far cry from the types used years ago. A reliable and affordable option for decayed and missing teeth, dentures can be a great way to restore smiles and confidence without lengthy dental procedures.

Modern dentures

Thanks to modern technology, these days there are various options to restore your smile if you have missing or failing teeth. Dentures are one solution that will enable you to eat without pain and embarrassment, smile with confidence, and restore facial contouring around your mouth.

Unlike the image of dentures from years ago, the types available now are well crafted, come in a variety of shades to give you a natural appearance, and are fitted to your mouth for complete comfort and discretion. In short, no one will be able to tell you are wearing them.

Your options

All modern dentures are well crafted and fitted, and there are various types available depending on your needs and budget. With every option, your dentures will be hand-finished and you will be given some choice of shade for your new teeth. Budget options give you a selection of eight shades to match your other teeth, whereas on the other end of the price scale you can get multi-shaded dentures with enhanced detailing and personalisation.

Complete dentures are a way of replacing a complete set of upper or lower teeth, fitted securely to your gums and jawbone.

Partial dentures are ideal for replacing one or two teeth. In this case, the false teeth are fitted to a metal or plastic plate and may clip onto adjacent natural teeth.

You can even have dental implants in combination with your dentures, fitting a minimum of two implants to lock your dentures into position.

In-house expertise

Our in-house Clinical Dental Technician (CDT), Surendra Naidoo, has undertaken special training to combine the skills of a dentist with those of a technician, meaning patients can benefit from his in-depth knowledge of teeth shape and structure, resulting in highly personalised dentures that are lifelike and comfortable.

The process starts with impressions, taken either in surgery or at home if needed, before the personalised dentures are created. Throughout, you’ll be able to choose the colour of your new teeth and add personalisation as relevant. Surendra and his team will then hand-finish the dentures in our clinic.

Lifelong care

Generally speaking, dentures have a guarantee covering them for between one to two years, and you will need to schedule check-ups with us every year to make sure they are in full working order. If well maintained, your dentures can last for around five years, adding to their affordability.

Ultimately, when you choose dentures with 543 Dental Centre, we’ll help you to keep them healthy and prolong their life for as long as possible.


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