Teeth Team

A children’s education initiative where we strive to educate children about oral health

Caring for children’s oral health

Here at 543 Dental Centre, we love families, and encourage you to bring your children to meet us before their first birthday. For this reason we have a series of programmes designed to teach children about oral health.

We have been actively involved with the Teeth Team since its early stages, as we helped develop it into the popular educational programme it is today, serving schoolchildren across Hull.

We also have our very own Teeth Team in-practice, in the form of The Brush Stop, where our trained educators teach children how to brush and floss.

Finally, we created an innovative website for parents and children, where kids of all ages can find age-appropriate activities and games to help them learn about their teeth, and adults at all stages of parenthood can find oral health advice to help them teach their kids about the importance of great oral hygiene.

Visit teethteam.org.uk