Teeth Whitening

Professional at-home and in-surgery tooth whitening treatments

Teeth whitening in Hull

Do you suffer with stained or discoloured teeth? Or do you just want a brighter smile? If you’re looking for teeth whitening treatments in Hull, don’t entrust your smile to the high street cowboys – only a qualified dental professional should ever touch your teeth. At 543, our proven whitening treatments can help you boost your confidence and are guaranteed to give you whiter smile, all whilst safeguarding your teeth. For your convenience, we offer both at-home and in-surgery options.

A whiter smile in 90 minutes with Zoom!

Zoom! is one of the quickest and easiest ways to whiten your teeth. This in-house whitening treatment takes just 90 minutes to give you a brighter smile. We place light-activated whitening gel onto your teeth – this works together with a blue light to whiten them in three to four 15-minute bursts. It’s as easy as that. The Zoom! system can whiten teeth by up to eight shades in just an hour – so getting your dream smile can even be done on your lunch break!

Whiten your teeth in the privacy of your home

If you prefer to whiten your teeth at your leisure, in the privacy of your own home, we can create bespoke bleaching trays that you fill with the prescription whitening gel. When they are ready, your dentist will supply you with your whitening syringes, which enable you to apply precise amounts of bleaching gel to your trays at home. You’ll wear your trays at home for the advised amount of time – usually over a period of two weeks.


Is teeth whitening suitable for everyone?

Almost. There are a few patients for whom whitening may not be advisable, which is why it’s imperative to only have teeth bleaching done by a qualified dental professional.

Why get my teeth whitened at the dentist?

The dentist is your only option if you want your whitening to work and you want it to be safe. That’s why it’s illegal for anyone but a qualified dental professional to offer teeth whitening!

Can you whiten crowns or bridges?

No, the whitening gel only works on natural teeth – so if you are having dental restorations such as crowns and bridges, we recommended that whitening is done first, so that the restorations can be colour-matched to your newly brightened teeth.

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