Dental Hygiene

Our hygienists can help keep your teeth cleaner and your mouth (and you) healthier

Your hygienist in Hull

As well as carrying out a scale and polish – or a professional deep clean – to remove stains, plaque and tartar, the hygienist will make sure you’re armed with the latest techniques and products to use at home, and can help you if you need to make lifestyle changes that will benefit both your dental and general health, such as eating healthily or giving up smoking.

Don’t be a stranger

Regular visits to your friendly hygienist here at 543 are vital to maintaining good oral health and are an important supplement to regular check-ups. Having made an assessment of your condition, the hygienist will recommend an appropriate treatment interval. During your 15-minute visit, the hygienist will also polish off unsightly staining left on the teeth caused by smoking, tea or coffee. Your breath will benefit too, as a deep professional clean will help eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath.

An ounce of prevention

Maintaining a rigorous cleaning programme at home is vital if you want to minimise hygienist appointments and prevent oral hygiene problems from developing in future. Our hygienist will give you advice and tips not only about how to clean your teeth, but also about diet and general lifestyle, as poor oral health has been linked to serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. We’ll also screen you for any warning signs of mouth cancer, which is far more treatable if caught early.


Can’t my dentist do oral hygiene checks?

Yes, our dentists are fully qualified in all aspects of oral hygiene. However, hygienists undertake particular training in this area, meaning they focus on ensuring plaque and tartar are removed from the teeth and from below the gum line, where most damage is caused.

Does it hurt to get a scale and polish?

Not usually, though if your gums are very sensitive the hygienist can use anaesthetic gel to alleviate any discomfort.

How often should I see my hygienist?

If you have good oral health, we generally recommend seeing the hygienist twice a year. If you’ve had dental implants or tooth restorations, you may be required to visit more frequently to ensure plaque is being kept under control effectively around your prosthetic restorations. Your hygienist will advise you as to the appropriate interval for your personal case.

Did you know there’s a dental plan specifically for our patients who would benefit from more frequent hygiene visits. 543 Dencare Hygiene includes 4 hygiene appointments per year plus a host of other benefits.


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