If you decide to dine out at a fancy restaurant to experience culinary excellence, of course you want to know who the chef is and about their reputation.


Similarly, if you want to have the best quality dentures, specially crafted for you, it is essential to know just who is making them. Here at 543 you get to sit face-to-face with the person creating your new teeth – our wonderful clinical dental technician, Surendra Naidoo.


Because of his special training, Surendra can see patients directly, take impressions and even carry out home visits for your convenience. You’ll be able to discuss looks, fit and feel in a much more in-depth and personal way, and are therefore most likely to end up with a finished product that exceeds your expectations.

And just what is a clinical dental technician? In a nutshell, they are the artists (perhaps it’s stretching it a little too far to say the master chefs) of the dentistry world.

At 543 Dental, Surendra’s job combines skill and artistry. Surendra has undertaken special training to combine the skills of a dentist with those of a technician, meaning patients can benefit from his in-depth knowledge of teeth shape and structure.

This results in highly personalised dentures that are lifelike and comfortable. Surendra brings to our team excellence in denture provision and he has also been involved in developing our new on-site denture lab.

We offer several different options for dentures, to suit all needs and budgets. These range from NHS dentures to our private options, which include Surendra’s services.

In this age of fast food and mass production, we all appreciate the value of owning something that has been hand-crafted by someone you know – it’s the ultimate signal of something beautiful, built to last, and tailored just for you.


Want to know more about our denture options? Simply give us a call on 01482 565488, or click here to book a consultation!