Fluoride Varnish

Protecting your child’s teeth from decay

Fluoride protects teeth

Studies have shown that fluoride varnish provides teeth with added protection against decay when used in conjunction with a good oral hygiene regime. At 543 Dental in Hull, our team will recommend the right amount of fluoride for your child, and schedule a regular application of a small amount of dental fluoride varnish, to help slow and prevent tooth decay.

A dental ‘force field’

Fluoride varnish is a pale yellow gel that is applied to children’s teeth using a soft brush. The varnish sets quickly, has a pleasant taste and a fruity smell. This is a very quick and simple procedure that is painless – in fact, many children even find it amusing. The gel may temporarily colour the teeth for up to three days before it gradually wears off.

Safe and scientifically proven

Fluoride occurs naturally in our tap water, although many areas add more to improve protection against tooth decay. It’s also in many different foods and dental products such as toothpaste, mouthwash and supplements. Fluoride encourages remineralisation – strengthening weakened areas of your child’s teeth and protecting them from acid in foods and drinks. Combining all sources of fluoride with a healthy diet and a great oral hygiene routine is the best way to reap the benefits.


Does my child need fluoride varnish?

At 543 Dental Centre in Hull, we will thoroughly check your child’s teeth to decide if fluoride varnish, but it will likely be recommended if you live locally, as Hull currently does not add fluoride to its tap water.

At what age is fluoride varnish recommended?

We can start protecting your child’s teeth with fluoride varnish as early as age 2 and throughout the school years.

How long does fluoride varnish last?

We normally recommend re-applying fluoride varnish twice annually.

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Protecting children's teeth through education

Teeth Team is a school-based supervised tooth-brushing programme, incorporating clinical dental assessments, applications of fluoride varnish and the subsequent signposting for accessing primary and secondary dental care. It is a collaborative working partnership between local dental practices, government, schools and parents in an effort to improve the dental health of children across the country.


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