First Dental Appointment

When to bring your baby to the dentist – and why!

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Your baby’s first dental checkup

At 543 Dental & Implant Centre in Hull, we’re all about families – so we know that for new mums and dads, your baby’s life is a series of ‘firsts’: First bath. First smile. First word. And as soon as you see that first tooth, it’s time to bring them in for their first dental visit!

An early start is a great start

Tooth decay and gum disease are still on the rise among children in the UK – and one reason is a lack of awareness among parents about taking their children to the dentist. The important thing to keep in mind is that it’s never too early to get your baby registered at 543. If in doubt, remember our mantra: don’t let them have their first birthday before their first check-up! Remember, dental care is FREE on the NHS for children up to at least age 18, so there’s no reason not to bring them in early and often.

Benefits of baby visits

Bringing your baby to see us at 543 not only gives your dentist a chance to check all is well with their gums and new teeth, but it’s proven to help create positive experiences of the dentist that remain with your children for life. This goes a long way to reducing dental anxiety in children and making their dental visit something they look forward to. Regular dental visits from an early age also give parents an extra source of support beyond their GP, midwife and health visitor – and as a new parent, you’re likely to want all the help you can get!


Why bother taking a baby to the dentist?

Even if they haven’t got any teeth, we recommend that all children are seen by a dentist before their first birthday, and this can be as simple as bringing them with you during your own check-up. This will not only eliminate any potential risks, but also establishes the dentist as a familiar and fun place to be.

When should I start teaching my child to brush their teeth?

As soon as those milk teeth come through! Even babies can start getting used to the idea of brushing, and the earlier you give them a toothbrush, the more likely they are to comply with oral hygiene in the future. As more teeth come through, brush regularly and then encourage them to attempt their own brushing while you supervise.

How much toothpaste should I use on my baby’s teeth?

From birth to 3 years, use a flat smear of adult toothpaste with 1000ppm (parts per million) of fluoride in it. After the age of 3, a small pea-sized amount can be used.

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