Traditionally, getting a dental crown has been a lengthy process, which can feel like a bit of an inconvenience if you have a busy schedule. However, same-day crowns use cutting edge technology to significantly minimise the length of the process from several weeks to just one appointment. In this blog post, we’ll offer a complete guide to same-day crowns and how they compare to more traditional options.

What are same-day dental crowns?

Whether you’re tight on time or just want to cut down on trips to the dentist, you might have found yourself wondering, can crowns be done in one day? With the right technology, the answer is yes!

While traditional crowns are sent off to be made in a separate lab over the course of 1-2 weeks, same-day dental crowns can be made in-house using digital technology and a special dental milling machine.

Here at 543 Dental & Implant Centre, we’ve recently invested in two digital intraoral scanners that use a tiny camera to take accurate digital images of the teeth, providing a quicker, less messy and more comfortable alternative to traditional impressions. The process is so quick, we can scan, design, mill and fit a fully restored tooth in half a day.

The advantages of same-day crowns vs. traditional crowns

Aside from saving you significant time, same-day crowns offer several more benefits:

  • They are incredibly lifelike
    Same-day crowns are very lifelike due to the use of digital scanning technology and the highly accurate impressions it produces. The digital scanner is able to capture the exact shape and colour of your teeth, which can then be recreated at the design and finishing stages, ensuring a natural-looking appearance and a good fit.
  • No temporary crown is needed
    Because traditional crowns are made in a separate lab, patients require a temporary crown to wear in the weeks while they wait. Same-day crowns eliminate the need for temporary crowns, meaning the damaged tooth is protected right away.
  • Cost effective
    The high-tech nature of same-day crowns may leave you asking, are same-day crowns more expensive than traditional crowns? And it may surprise you to learn that same-day crowns can be more cost efficient, as patients save money on the extra appointment required to fit traditional crowns.
  • Comfortable
    We’ve already mentioned how the highly accurate impressions taken by the digital scanner make for a more natural-looking crown, but it’s also important to mention how this creates a more comfortable fit. Same-day crowns also eliminate the uncomfortable process of fitting and removing a temporary crown. 

How the same-day crown procedure works

Same-day crowns do not require a physical impression, so there is no need for moulds and trays. Instead, a tiny camera on the end of a handpiece is scanned across your teeth and gums to take high quality images of the mouth. These images are then sent directly to a software programme.

The dentist then uses these highly accurate images to design a crown which is then milled in-house while you sit in the waiting room. The entire process takes just 2-3 hours, which makes a huge difference to the 1-2 weeks of traditional crowns.

At 543, we use CEREC same-day crowns. These crowns are known for their strength and aesthetics, providing patients with a natural-looking, well-fitted crown. To find out more about the procedure, visit our website.


If you are interested in same-day crowns at 543 Dental & Implant Centre, get in touch with a member of our friendly team on 01482 565488 or send us a message.