If you’ve ever had a crown fitted, you’ll know that the process usually takes place over more than one appointment, on different days. But what if you could get your crown fitted in a single visit to the dentist?

Thanks to modern technology, this is now a possibility. Same-day crowns rely on digital software and in-house milling centres. This combination enables dentists to take impressions and create your crown at the surgery in a fraction of the time. 543 Dental Centre has invested in this technology to bring you all the advantages of same-day crowns.

Benefits of same-day crowns

If you are time-pressured, the immediate benefit of same-day crowns is that you can get the result you need within a few hours, within a single appointment, but the differences between the two options don’t end there. Other stand out benefits to same-day crowns include:

  • The crown is measured, manufactured, and fitted within hours.
  • Only one visit is needed, a perfect solution for people who are time-poor or would prefer to avoid multiple appointments.
  • No messy impressions – a digital intraoral scanner is used to take images of the teeth instead.
  • Accuracy and speed across the entire process.

How it works

Traditionally, moulds and trays are used to take the impression, but same-day crowns use a digital intraoral scanner. This eliminates the need for messy impression-taking, using a special camera inside the mouth instead, which takes high-quality images and sends them directly to the software programme.

The crown is then designed by the dentist using CAD/CAM technology and highly accurate images, while you’re in the chair. You then go to the waiting area while your crown is milled in our state-of-the-art milling centre at the surgery. A short while later, you’ll return to the chair to have the crown fitted.

Lasting results

It’s essential to create accurate impressions for long-lasting results when it comes to crowns. The digital software and process involved in same-day crowns allow for this accuracy while delivering on speed and convenience.

It’s also worth noting that we use CEREC crowns, which are known for their aesthetics and strength. They look natural, stand the test of time and work in harmony with the computer-aided design software we use to produce them.

Ultimately, our same-day crown service gives you all the benefits of traditional crowns while removing the time lag, multiple appointments, and messy impressions.


To find out more about 543 Dental Centre’s same-day crowns and book an appointment visit 543dentalcentre.co.uk/restorative-dentistry/same-day-crowns/ or watch our video here.