Do you suffer from dental phobia?

Here at 543, we know that going to the dentist isn’t usually at the top of people’s favourite things to do. But for some, who suffer from dental anxiety or even phobia, it’s such a terrifying prospect that they fail to attend regular check-ups. Unfortunately, this usually leaves them in an even worse situation, because decay or gum disease, that could possibly have been caught and reversed at an early stage, are left to develop into conditions that require treatment.

What are your options?

You could simply stay away from the dentist, allow decay and gum disease to run riot in your mouth and watch as all of your teeth slowly fall out, one by one. No, that’s not really an option, is it? You already know that the best thing to do is to conquer your fear and make visiting the dentist and oral hygienist such a regular part of your life that you no longer feel anxious. But we know that’s easier said than done. So to help you, we offer several ways of making your visit less stressful and, dare we suggest, even pleasant. These include:

  • Sedation – Dental sedation does not put you to sleep, just into a deep state of relaxation. You’ll be awake and able to talk to the dentist, but it will calm and relax you so you probably won’t remember much of what happened. Sedation is available on the NHS for extractions and on a private basis for other treatments.
  • General anaesthetic – This is available for extractions on children and is done in hospital. The children need to be referred by their dentist for this treatment.
  • Home visits – For those who find it physically difficult to come into the surgery, we offer dental check-ups at your home. If treatment is required, you may still need to come into the surgery.
  • Disabled access – We know that physical disabilities can make visiting the dentist needlessly stressful, so we offer disabled car parking spaces and a ramp at the back of the surgery for wheelchair access. All of our downstairs surgeries are wheelchair accessible, so if you’d like to book one of these, just let us know when you make your appointment.
  • Air conditioning – Our practice is air-conditioned, which means it’s kept at a comfortable temperature and there’s no stale ‘medical’ smell, which can make patients nervous.

Want to see for yourself?

Why not pop in, either alone or with a friend for support, just to have a look around? Familiarising yourself with the practice, and seeing how friendly we all are, will help you feel comfortable when the time comes for your appointment. You’re also very welcome to bring someone with you to your appointment to hold your hand, although you might find you won’t need it!

At 543 we’re so good at helping patients relax that we even have phobic patients referred to us from other practices. So don’t let nerves or a dental phobia keep you or a loved one from having the quality dental treatment you need and deserve. Get in touch with us today on 01482 565 488 and learn more about how we can make you finally feel happy to visit the dentist!