January’s not the easiest month to get through – but it’s the perfect moment in the year to set aside some time for a little life admin. Oral health is closely bound up with general health and wellbeing – so we’ve rounded up the best things you can do to be good to yourself this month.

Eat mindfully
If you’ve overhauled your supermarket shop in the name of being healthy this January, do bear in mind the impact it can have on your teeth. Health drinks (green juice, fruit juice, smoothies and energy drinks); health snacks (think dried fruit and cereal bars); and vitamins (effervescent or gummy types) often contain wince-inducing levels of sugar and acid. So forget the fads and focus instead on balance – the Eatwell guide is a great start for an at-a-glance portion planner. Give teeth and gums an extra boost by upping your intake of dark, leafy greens and wholegrain carbs, and save sugar- and acid-rich items for mealtimes, not snack times.

Conquer your oral health
Wellbeing is inextricably linked to health – and good health begins in the mouth (yes really!). Poor oral hygiene is known to contribute to lots of health conditions, from Type 2 diabetes to stroke and heart disease – so start the New Year with a fresh new regime. Brush for two minutes, twice a day and floss once a day – and schedule a hygiene appointment so you can face the dark days of January with a beautifully bright smile.

Erase the evidence of past bad habits
If you’re eating and drinking healthily and following a great oral hygiene routine, it can be a little galling to see a yellowing smile in the mirror every day. So there’s no better time to consider wiping away those deep-set stains with professional teeth whitening – something we can offer safely and effectively at 543 Dental, either through a one-hour treatment at the practice or a two-week take-home treatment using bespoke whitening trays and prescription gel. And if you’re a 543 Dencare customer –  good news! You’ll get 20% off your whitening treatment with us.

Be proactive
If you’ve always wanted a beautiful smile, could 2018 be the year you make it happen? At 543 Dental we offer a complete range of treatments that can boost your confidence, improve your quality of life and generally improve your wellbeing, either by restoring teeth to full function, or enhancing them cosmetically. From dental implants to advanced teeth straightening such as Invisalign, the smile of your dreams can be achieved in weeks or months, not years – so you really can make 2018 the year you take action on your teeth.

Take the holistic approach
Once you’ve mastered oral hygiene and invested in a smile to be proud of, take a step back from the mirror. If you’re looking less than rested after a fraught festive period, rewarding yourself with a facial aesthetic treatment could be just the ticket for a revitalising boost to see you through the next few months.

Ready to start making positive changes? Book your next appointment at 543 Dental and let’s get the New Year off to a brilliant start!