It’s half term at 543… and the good news? Kids go FREE!


You probably already know that your children are entitled to FREE dental care on the NHS until they’re 18. The problem many parents face is finding a convenient time to bring them in.

Children these days have social lives to rival the Kardashians. Between school, activities, play dates and birthday parties, it can seem like ‘parent’ is another word for ‘chauffeur’. But you’ve got a whole week off now for half-term, and we have an idea for you…

Why not bring them to the dentist? They’ll have a check-up, learn a little about looking after their teeth and even have a bit of fun, we promise! And it’s all FREE!

You can bring your babies in too, no matter how young. It’s all about helping them feel comfortable at the dentist, so the earlier we meet them the better.

School’s out until the 27th, so call today on 01482 565 488 and book your little ones in for their half-term check-up. It’s one way to tick something off YOUR list for a change!