Did you know teeth straightening is becoming more and more popular amongst adults? In a recent survey by the British Orthodontic Association (BOS), three quarters (84%) of orthodontists reported an increase in adult patients since the start of the pandemic. One reason cited was that so many of us have been forced to analyse our faces (and our teeth) in microscopic detail during endless virtual meetings and this has led to a desire to fix the imperfections that confront us every day.

And even before the pandemic, we were seeing an increase in interest in teeth straightening amongst adult patients, influenced by celebrities and bloggers showing off picture-perfect teeth!

No longer just for teenagers

In the past, orthodontics was generally thought of as a cosmetic treatment for teenagers, especially if they required help with overcrowding or straightening after their adult teeth had all come through. But orthodontic appliances using “train tracks” are very visible, and many adults were reluctant to explore teeth straightening, due to this visibility and length of treatment time.

But clear aligner technology has changed all that. Faster, more discreet and super-convenient treatment is available no matter your age. In fact, teeth straightening is regarded much more like teeth whitening – something positive that you might do to achieve a look that you want. The result is that more and more adults are electing to have orthodontic treatment.

Teeth straightening options at 543 Dental

Here at 543 Dental Centre, we have discreet teeth straightening options to suit you, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Invisalign is the perfect treatment for adults who want to improve their smile quickly and discreetly, no braces required! The straightening is achieved by wearing a set of clear, bespoke aligners which are designed to fit perfectly to your teeth. They work gently and effectively to move your teeth into position over a matter of months.

The clear aligners are comfortable to wear, and easy to remove for eating, cleaning or special events, making them a convenient option. And as the aligner material is almost invisible, it is suitable for patients of any age, who might not easily tolerate metal braces.

Inman Aligner

There are two Inman Aligner options. The first is a removable appliance made up of two metal ‘bows’, one that sits in front of the teeth, which has an opaque strip to make it less visible, and one that sits behind. It is powered by very strong metal springs which use gentle forces over a large range of movement, guiding the teeth into the desired position.

The second option within this system is a removable, clear, retainer style brace which we normally use after the metal bow appliance to ‘finish’ the teeth straightening treatment.


And please remember: ALL orthodontic treatment, including aligners, should be carried out under the supervision of a qualified dentist, who can review your individual case and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan.


Learn more about the orthodontic options offered at 543 Dental Centre, or to book yourself in for a consultation, call 01408 565488.