Happy New Year! Now put down that champagne glass…

Why go dry?

Every January, thousands of Britons make the decision to abstain from drinking alcohol for one month, either as a way to quit problem drinking or just to give their bodies a bit of a healing holiday.

You’re probably already aware of some of the benefits of limiting alcohol intake for your general health, such as weight loss and reduced risk of heart and liver disease, but did you know there are dental advantages too?

Some of the effects of alcohol on teeth are:

  • The risk of mouth cancer is six times higher in drinkers of alcohol
  • Alcohol increases your risk of gum disease and tooth decay
  • Most alcoholic beverages contain high levels of sugar, increasing risk of tooth decay
  • Red wine stains teeth, sometimes instantly
  • Citrus in mixed drinks contains acid that attacks enamel
  • Alcohol dries your mouth, reducing the flow of beneficial saliva
  • Beer contains harmful acids
  • Barley and malts found in darker beers stain teeth
  • Alcohol is often mixed with soft drinks or fruit juices, all of which are high in sugar content.

Any break you give your teeth between acid attacks and exposure to sugars is beneficial, so we at 543 would like to encourage you to talk to your family and friends and give Dry January a try. In case you or they need a bit more convincing, here are some quick facts that might help:

  • Last year during #DryJanuary, 79% of participants saved money! Think of what you could save up for while staying off the booze!
  • Benefits of going dry this January include better sleep, more energy, healthier looking skin and hair and no hangovers!
  • Why not put the money you save through #DryJanuary towards treating yourself to one of our teeth whitening treatments!
  • In 2016, major pub chains stocked non-alcoholic beer in response to the demand from customers during #DryJanuary.
  • The money raised through #DryJanuary will help Alcohol Concern, the national charity dedicated to tackling the harm caused by alcohol to individuals, families and society.

So, ready to get started? We made it simple – just three easy steps:

  1. Head over to the Dry January website and set up a fundraising page. Having a fundraising target will not only benefit Alcohol Concern but it will also help you stick to your goal.
  2. Shout about it on social media with hashtag #DryJanuary to get your family and friends to join you – or at least support you!
  3. Ask for help if you need it. Dry January can be a challenge to get through, but help is available. Either on the Dry January website or by calling us at 543 for advice on 01482 565 488.


Don’t take it literally!

Fun fact: The expression ‘to go on the wagon’, meaning to give up alcohol, comes to us from the American Wild West of the late 1800s. Water was carted around in horse-drawn wagons and someone who’d vowed to give up drink would be said to drink from the water wagon rather than the whisky cask. It’s not such a bad idea, as staying hydrated is critical for your general and dental health. So remember to drink plenty of water and not go completely ‘dry’!