Now that the sun has finally decided to turn up – it’s taken a while to get here – many of us are thinking about getting in shape in time for the beach. Some of us are even actually doing it!

But alongside these self-improvement efforts, have you also considered taking action to get your all-important smile looking its dazzling best in time to be seen in all the summer holiday photo snaps too? If so, we’re here to help!

Our proven whitening treatments can help you boost your confidence and are guaranteed to give you a whiter smile, all whilst safeguarding your teeth. And just for your convenience, we offer both at-home and in-practice options.

Whitening in a lunch break

Here at 543, we can help you get a whiter smile in just 90 minutes with Zoom!, one of the quickest and easiest ways to whiten your teeth. This in-house whitening treatment takes just 90 minutes to give you a brighter smile so getting your dream smile can even be done on your lunch break! We place light-activated whitening gel onto your teeth – which together with a blue light can whiten them by up to eight shades in three to four 15-minute bursts.

However, if you prefer to whiten your teeth at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home, we can create custom-made bleaching trays that are filled with prescription whitening gel. When your trays are ready, your dentist will supply you with whitening syringes to apply precise amounts of bleaching gel into your trays at home.

You’ll wear your trays at home for the advised amount of time – usually over two weeks, which should give you more than enough time to have lovely whiter teeth in time for your long-awaited summer holiday.

Now is the perfect time to book your teeth whitening treatment ready for the summer. Book your whitening consultation online or phone us on 01482 565 488 today!