The lights are up, the shops are full of Christmas decorations and ranges of gifts you never knew you wanted, and, especially if you’re hosting this Christmas, you’ll probably already be in full planning mode.

But wait a minute: before the madness takes hold completely, take a moment to consider what will matter most to you over the festive period.

Whether you celebrate it or not, Christmas is often the time when families can take time out from work and spend quality time together. It’s a time for big get-togethers with extended family and friends – and, if you’re lucky, for a fleeting kiss under the mistletoe! It’s also big party season with work Christmas ‘do’s and New Year’s Eve just around the corner.

It’s very easy to neglect your own health and wellbeing during the run-up to Christmas, but it’s important to ensure that you are sufficiently prepared for the most hectic time of the year. Luckily, at 543 Dental Centre, we can help you with one crucial element of feeling good throughout the festive holiday… There’s still time to book a quick hygiene appointment before Santa comes knocking.

Freshen up in 15 minutes

During your 15-minute visit, our friendly and professional hygienists will check the health of your teeth and gums and remove any stubborn plaque. They will also polish off any staining left on the teeth caused by smoking, tea or coffee (get ready, Instagram!).

Your breath will benefit too, as a deep professional clean will help eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath, which can be a big no-no for mistletoe encounters!

A healthy smile and lovely fresh breath can give you that boost in confidence that will help you breeze through Christmas and concentrate on what really matters to you. That’s got to be worth 15 minutes out of your pre-Christmas schedule!

To book your pre-Christmas oral hygiene appointment, call us on 01482 565488 or send us a message.