Are you a fitness freak?

Do you go to the gym? If not, do you feel like you ought to? Chances are you’ve answered yes to one or the other of those questions. We all know that being physically fit is important, and paying a small monthly fee to make that happen feels like a necessary investment. So why are some people reluctant to do the same for their teeth?

You already know that keeping your teeth fit will make you look better. But did you know that it can make you feel better too? Poor dental health can lead to and/or aggravate serious general health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. So yes, daily oral hygiene can be just as important as your daily run on the treadmill.

Beyond that, spending a small amount each month to ensure your preventive dental care is covered is an investment in the future of your smile. Here at 543 Dental Centre, we offer the 543 Dencare plans, which cover preventive and emergency care, as well as discounts on treatments. The new 543 Dencare website details all the benefits and helps you choose which plan is best for you and your family. Why not have a look?

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