Last year, 88% of participants saved money. 71% slept better. 67% had more energy. And 58% lost weight.

That’s a pretty convincing majority who agree that Dry January has huge benefits to your health and wellbeing! And while the benefits to your teeth might not be quite as obvious, giving up alcohol is great for your smile too – lowering your risk of tooth decay, gum disease and even oral cancer.

So here at 543 Dental we’re fully behind the Dry January philosophy – and here are 5 more great reasons to give it a go.

Do it for charity

When you download the Try Dry app , you can choose to pledge the money you’ll be saving to Alcohol Change UK, the charity behind Dry January. You can also get friends and family to sponsor your dry month – the app connects with Virgin Money Giving, so you can set up a fundraising goal and charity of your choosing.

Do it for the competition

The Dry January app keeps you motivated with great graphics, and taps into your competitive side with its ‘dry streak’ stats. Challenge yourself to get the longest dry streak possible!

Do it with your mates

Dry January can be easier if you rope in a couple of friends to do it with you and keep each other motivated. But even if no one else wants to join you, make sure you let everyone know you’re going dry – it will make it easier organising and managing social events.

Do it to treat yourself

Not drinking for 31 days is going to save you money – there’s no doubt about that! So make sure you allocate some of that money for something fun. Whether it’s padding out your holiday savings, starting up a new hobby – or even improving your appearance with a treatment like teeth whitening – your ‘dry money’ should feel guilt-free.

Do it to feel better

You’ve seen the stats – Dry January is proven to boost your wellbeing. More sleep, more energy; better skin; weight loss; less anxiety… you name it, Dry January does it! A dry month also gives you space to really think about your relationship with alcohol. Many people admit Dry January helped them gain control of something that was previously controlling them. Whatever you discover during Dry January, the team here at 543 Dental will support you all the way!

Want advice on giving up alcohol – or perhaps you want to treat your smile with the money you save? Talk to the team at 543 Dental today!