Do your mum a favour this Mother’s Day

Mums can be stubborn and exasperating creatures – always putting everyone else’s needs first. While it may work to our advantage most of the year, their altruism is especially frustrating on those occasions (namely birthdays, Christmas and Mother’s Day) when we’d very much like to do something for them. If you’re struggling to show a certain mum in your life how appreciated she is, take heart – we’ve got just the thing.

Chances are that by persistently prioritising everyone else over the years, your mum has neglected herself to a certain degree. For example, she has likely foregone cosmetic treatments that might not be strictly necessary, but that would go a long way towards helping her feel younger and more self-confident. Like the person she used to be before she was a mum. A great way to show her you love her is to encourage her to silence that little voice that’s telling her ‘it’s an extravagance’ and just for once treat herself like she used to.

Here are a few suggestions:

Teeth whitening
A quick and safe way to get a brighter, whiter smile. Our teeth naturally darken as we age, especially with the added effects of drinks and foods that stain them. At 543, we can either give your mum teeth-whitening gel to use at home or whiten her teeth right here in the surgery.

Many mums either missed the chance to have braces as a youth or did have braces but have seen their teeth shift with age. Invisalign is a convenient and discreet way to straighten her smile on her own terms.

Do her teeth have chips, cracks, minor misalignment or staining? Ultra-thin layers of porcelain can be permanently bonded over her existing teeth, quickly and effectively covering up a surprisingly wide range of aesthetic problems.

543 Dencare
Give your mum the gift of membership in our exclusive dental health club. She’ll have two dental checks and two hygienist visits included per year, as well as 20% off private dental treatments (including cosmetic)!

It may take some doing, but convincing your mum that she deserves to be taken care of is something she’ll always thank you for. If you need some help encouraging her to book an appointment, just get in touch and we’ll do what we can. And by the way, if there’s a new mum in your life, remind her that she gets free NHS dental visits for the first year of motherhood!