This year’s Tour de Yorkshire kicks off in Beverley, just down the road from Hull, so if you’re a fan of cycling – or of Yorkshire for that matter – you’ve no excuse not to get out and support the riders!

And if you’re feeling inspired by the valiant efforts of the cyclists as they pedal their way up and down God’s Own Country, don’t forget to pop into 543 Dental before you hit the road (and we mean that both literally and figuratively!). We’ll fit you with a custom mouth guard that could save your teeth from any biking mishaps – which in turn will save you thousands in dental treatment.

A gum shield for cycling – really?

Yes! Think about it. You wear hi-vis clothing, invest in proper lighting for your bike and never go without a helmet. So why not protect your teeth with a mouth guard? Cycling accidents are scary – and while the NHS doesn’t make any bones about fixing broken bones, it doesn’t consider knocked-out teeth a priority, as this article attests. Wearing a mouth guard will not only protect your teeth and jaw bone, but your bank balance and future quality of life, too.

And that’s not all!

Recent research suggests that wearing a custom mouth guard can actually enhance performance on the bike, because the mouth guard holds the jaw in a relaxed position and helps regulate your breathing. More study is needed but it’s a great start in changing the negative perception cyclists often have about wearing mouth guards.

If you’re starting up cycling or any kind of contact sport, come to 543 Dental for your custom sports guard. Book a consultation today on 01482 565488!