Hull Water Fluoridation on the National Agenda

As an avid reader of the 543 blog, you’ll be aware of our support for the Hull water fluoridation campaign. As dental professionals, we deal daily with the consequences of poor oral health and it’s heart-breaking to think how much of it could be avoided – especially in children – simply by adding a harmless amount of fluoride to our water. Thankfully, we’re not alone.

The Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock, has now announced a commitment to focusing public health resources on prevention. This, in turn, has prompted Professor Michael Lennon OBE, spokesperson for the British Fluoridation Society, to publish recommendations for a national strategy to drastically improve preventive oral health.

He highlighted the ongoing struggle for fluoridation here in Hull, supported by former MP Alan Johnson, and stated that ‘government support and funding is essential.’ He also said ‘fluoridation is a cost-effective measure which reduces dental decay’ and indicated that the decision to fluoridate water should be taken by the Government and not left to local authorities.

Here at 543, we welcome his recommendations and were especially pleased that he focused on improving the dental health of children – one of our favourite topics! We feel that support is improved with access to accurate information, which is another reason we’re so vocal about the benefits of fluoride. If you’d like to help us protect our local children’s teeth, please take a minute to read through some of the above linked articles and then share this blog post with your friends and family. But don’t stop there – write to your local councillor and MP and let them know you support water fluoridation in Hull. Your children and grandchildren will thank you!

You’re always welcome to contact us on 01482 565 488 if you have any questions about this or any aspect of preventive oral health.