How to make the world’s best football snacks

Are you hosting (or attending) a footie world championship party on 15th July? Here are some ideas for globally-inspired party nibbles that are both healthy and moreish!



Loaded Greek Hummus
Imagine a bowl of hummus, topped with all the makings of a fresh Greek salad (olives, feta, tomatoes, cucumber and red onion), served with toasted pita triangles instead of crips.

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Sausage Mini-Pasties
Pasties are a firm favourite with the home crowd – and if Team England is in the final then you’ll definitely want to have these on offer! This version is made with sausage, but made healthier (and tastier) by sneaking in carrot, apple and butternut squash!

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Creamy Jalapeño Mini-Pepper Bites
Cheese is a great choice for parties, because it’s one of few tooth-friendly snack food – and who doesn’t love cheese? This recipe pairs soft cheese with gently spicy peppers for a great kick-off (pun intended)!

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Antipasto Cups
This is the Italian appetiser version of a cupcake – salami ‘cups’ filled with diced artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, olives and basil. Fresh, innovative, colourful, healthy and yummy!

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Potato Blinis with Aubergine Caviar
What world championship party would be complete without a nod to the host country? This recipe gives the Russian blini a healthy makeover by using potatoes instead of wheat flour and fromage frais instead of sour cream. It also sneaks in peppers and aubergine in place of the traditional caviar – so it’ll save you money, too!

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And for sweets…
Not much beats fresh fruit and there so many to choose from! Why not put out a variety of fruits, such as grapes, apple slices and watermelon that all go well with hard cheeses? Lovely for nibbling – and the hard cheeses are great for teeth! If you want to put in a bit more effort, we recommend something like this gorgeous ‘nice cream’…


Pineapple Nice Cream
You can’t have a football party without paying homage to Brazil – arguably the world’s biggest footie nation. While this recipe isn’t strictly speaking Brazilian, the flavours in it (pineapple, coconut, mango and lime) are ones you’d often come across there – so we’re going with it! It also happens to be sugar-free, so it definitely gets our seal of approval.

Get the recipe here.

Whatever you serve, remember your teeth are happier if they’re not being constantly attacked by acids, so try to avoid grazing – and definitely brush well before going to bed!

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