Get to see your dentist – without leaving home!

Dealing with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant we’re all having to adjust to a different way of life and finding new ways to safely go about our daily routines, both at home and at work.

At 543 Dental Centre we’ve also had to adjust to a new way of working and finding the best way to care for our patients, to make everyone feel safe and comfortable about coming to see us for dental treatment.

We also fully understand many of our patients still feel anxious about visiting a dental practice, especially our more vulnerable patients or those who cannot easily leave home due to health conditions, disability or shielding.

Well, the good news for all of our patients is we have now introduced Chairsyde – our new video consulting platform, allowing us to connect with our patients remotely. This powerful communication tool can be used on any device without the need for downloads or logins – just click and connect!

Chairsyde video consultations mean you can connect with your dentist from the safety of your own home, without any concerns about visiting the practice in person. Chairsyde will also form part of the triage that is necessary should you need to attend the practice, so we can go through your medical history, complete any necessary forms and take you through a screening process for COVID-19 symptoms, which is essential to protect the welfare of all our patients and staff.

As well as being the safest way to remotely consult with your own dentist, Chairsyde is a valuable tool to help you understand your diagnosis and the options you have for treatment, as well as helping you manage your ongoing oral health.

Chairsyde allows you to:

  • select the most convenient date and time for your consultation
  • choose the dentist you would like to speak to
  • access remote personalised oral health education
  • complete your medical history and any necessary NHS forms
  • book appointments and upload images if appropriate
  • discuss our private treatment options with one of our associates

At 543 Dental Centre we don’t want to lose touch with any of our patients during this difficult time, nor do we want anyone to feel they cannot access essential oral health advice and the treatment they need. We believe that communicating the value of oral health is really important, and that why we want to make it even easier for you to do.


Of course, a remote video consultation may not be a suitable for everyone, and we will continue to offer appointment bookings, face-to-face consultations and telephone oral health advice within our safety guidelines.


For more information about how 543 Dental Centre is working within professional guidelines to ensure our patients’ safety, and what to expect when you come to see us, please click here. We really appreciate your cooperation.