Why you should add regular hygienist visits to your shortlist of New Year’s resolutions

You’re starting the new year with a full bill of dental health – no teeth or gum problems to speak of – which is fantastic. And we certainly don’t want to dampen your spirits, but we’d like to remind you that you still need to attend regular check-ups and visits with the hygienist to ensure that your smile remains trouble free throughout the year.

You may think your body will let you know when something’s not right, but that’s not always the case – and that’s especially true when it comes to your oral health. Problems can start small and remain symptom free for a long time. Often, by the time you notice something is wrong, a preventable problem will have developed into one that requires treatment. It’s our job to look for those early warning signs of trouble, which can range from dental issues to general ones, such as nutritional deficiencies, and nip them in the bud. But we can only do that if you come in for your regular dental check-ups and hygienist visits.

Top 5 reasons to visit regularly:

  •  Avoid costly treatment – by treating problems early on, you could avoid more extensive treatment in the future and save for a holiday instead!
  • Reverse gum disease – this affects 3 out of every 4 adults over the age of 35 in the UK. If diagnosed in its early stages, it is often reversible.
  • Detect oral cancer early – mouth and throat cancer is on the rise and is far more treatable if caught early.
  • Protect your general health – preventing oral health issues helps safeguard your general health too, as conditions such as diabetes and heart disease have been linked to gum disease.
  • Freshen and brighten your smile – our hygienists can clean your teeth and gums far better than you can at home, so regular professional cleans will help keep your teeth bright and your breath fresh.

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to book your next dental check and/or hygiene visit, then mark future visits on your calendar to make sure you keep smiling all year long!