In the age of mass production, we all appreciate the value of owning something hand-crafted – it’s the ultimate signal of something beautiful, built to last, and tailored just for you.

And while we don’t offer luxury handbags or hand-stitched shoes at 543 Dental, we do like to offer bespoke craftsmanship where possible – which is why we’ve welcomed a clinical dental technician (CDT), Surendra Naidoo, to our team. It may revolutionise how your dentures are made!

But what’s a clinical dental technician? We’re glad you asked!

A CDT is qualified to carry out the role of both dentist and lab technician in creating custom dentures. Traditionally, if you require dentures, your dentist takes your impressions and sends them to a lab, where a technician creates your new teeth based on the information provided. Your dentures are then simply posted back to the practice.

But now, depending on the dentures you choose, Surendra can do all of this for you, in-practice or even at your home! That means you get to sit face-to-face with the person creating your new teeth. CDTs undergo additional training in order to be able to recommend the type and material of denture that best suits your needs. At 543 Dental, Surendra’s job combines skill and artistry, but also requires a great rapport with our patients. You’ll be able to discuss looks, fit and feel in a much more in-depth and personal way, and are therefore more likely to end up with a finished product that exceeds your expectations.

Here at 543, we offer several different options for dentures, to suit all needs and budgets. These range from NHS dentures to our luxury options, which include Surendra’s services. Want to know more about our denture options? Simply give us a call on 01482 565488 to book a consultation!