Dental Implants: A Gift for the Giver

Are you the ‘giver’ in the family? Are you the one who’s always thinking of everyone else but doesn’t feel justified in spending time or money on yourself? This Christmas, STOP. Take a minute and reflect. Are you really doing anyone any favours by neglecting your own wellbeing? Or would everyone around you actually have their own spirits buoyed to see you standing tall, smiling and laughing as you used to?

If you’re missing teeth and ‘just living with it’, now is the time to allocate some of your resources towards putting your own smile back together again. Here at 543, we feel the best way to do that is with our state-of-the-art dental implants. In case you’re wondering what the fuss over implants is all about, here are the top 3 ways dental implants can change your life:

Implants can boost your confidence.
Not only will replacing missing teeth with dental implants restore tooth function, they give you back your smile too – and it’s the return to carefree living that makes implants such a popular option. Because implants are fixed in your gum, they don’t carry the risks of damage and breakage associated with other forms of restorative dental work such as bridges or dentures. So, once your implants have been placed, you can stop worrying about your teeth and get on with living your life.

Implants can restore your quality of life.
Dental implants have the exceptional benefit of allowing you to eat and drink what you want, when you want – so they’re a great alternative to dentures, which can limit your food choices in numerous ways. Implants also won’t slip or click when you speak or laugh – they act just like your natural teeth. It really is like just having your own teeth back.

Implants can help preserve your profile.
Having dental implants placed in your jaw can help prevent the ageing effects of jawbone shrinkage. Even if missing teeth aren’t causing you any discomfort, in the long term the bone underneath will shrink and become brittle, causing your facial tissues to sag dramatically and giving you that ‘old’ look. Implants maintain the health and structure of your jaw bone, meaning your smile and profile will look younger for longer.

So, as a ‘giver’, the ideal gift to give yourself this Christmas is one that will benefit not only you but those around you – and a happier, more confident smile will do just that! Do yourself and your loved ones a real favour and call us here at 543 today to learn more about how we can change your life.

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