One of the great gifts of life over 60 is a rediscovery of the freedom you had in your 20s. Children are grown and (hopefully) independent and you now have the time to enjoy doing all those things you have spent the past 40 years putting off. You’ve planned for your retirement your whole working life. So, now it’s here, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest! A critical part of safeguarding that newfound freedom is looking after your health, including your teeth, and taking steps to ensure your body doesn’t hinder your enjoyment of these golden years.

Many people, as they age, start to lose teeth. Having gaps can seriously affect your ability to fully engage with life the way you used to, so it’s natural to want to fill them. Dentures, like your grandparents may have had, are still a common solution for missing teeth. Technology has moved on from their days and dentures can now be quite comfortable and lifelike. But, for many, they’re not the ideal solution. Even the best-fitting dentures can slip or click when you’re eating or speaking and you’ll never quite forget they’re there. Dental implants, on the other hand, look, feel and act just like your natural teeth.

If you’ve been looking into replacing your missing teeth, you already know some of the benefits of dental implants. You’ll know, for example, that they are permanently anchored into your jaw, so they are as stable as your own teeth. You’ll have learned that the very fact that they’re fused with your bone means they stimulate the blood circulation that keeps it from atrophying, thereby helping preserve your youthful facial structure. And you’ll be aware that, although they do require a high standard of oral hygiene, they don’t demand any special maintenance as would dentures.

These are all obvious benefits of choosing dental implants. The less tangible advantages become clear when you read between the lines. The fact, for example, that implants are permanently fixed in your mouth means you don’t have to sleep with your teeth in a glass next to the bed. You don’t have to travel with a tube of adhesive. And you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of a new partner seeing you without your teeth. The fact that implants are fused with your jaw means you can eat and drink whatever you like and not worry about them slipping or falling out. In other words, dental implants restore more than just your smile – they restore your freedom to enjoy your life.

When you look in the mirror, it’s not your grandmother or grandfather you see looking back at you, but someone who’s still young in spirit and lifestyle. As for who you are on the inside, we know that there’s still a ‘20-something you’ alive and well in there. So why on earth should you live the way your grandparents did at your age? Dental implants can help you stay younger, longer. Get in touch today to find out more about how the skilled implant team at 543 can help you enjoy your well-deserved retirement.