This December, right in the middle of the traditional run up to Christmas and bang in the middle of our domestic football season, attention has turned instead to watching some of the world’s biggest names in football taking part in the 2022 World Cup in the heat of Qatar.

Whether you love football or hate it, it’s difficult not to notice what’s been going on or avoid seeing those famous faces across our screens and newspapers. Apart from their footballing skills, it is almost impossible not to notice how nearly perfect most footballers’ teeth are nowadays – super straight and super white!

These football stars may not always have had perfect teeth, but there’s no doubt they pay close attention to their oral health routines and many have taken the opportunity to enhance their smiles with cosmetic dental treatments.

Having a healthy and bright smile does wonders for a player’s self-confidence and boosting performance both on and off the pitch. But having a healthy smile isn’t just something that belongs exclusively to footballers!

Cosmetic treatments to enhance YOUR smile

Back in the real world, there are many ways to enhance your smile, even if you’re not on a footballer’s wages. Cost-effective cosmetic treatments are readily available such as teeth straightening, porcelain veneers and teeth whitening, all designed to make aesthetic improvements to hide chips, gaps and irregularities, correct misalignments and brighten stained or discoloured teeth.

Here at 543 Dental Centre we offer:

  • The straighter teeth you’ve always dreamed of with a range of traditional and modern orthodontic solutions such as clear aligners to straighten teeth and correct malocclusion – whatever your age, budget or lifestyle.
  • Porcelain veneers to create the look of perfectly straight, white smiles while correcting a surprisingly large variety of aesthetic problems.
  • The ever-popular teeth whitening – proven whitening treatments that can only be delivered by a qualified dental professional to boost your confidence with a whiter smile, whether that’s delivered in the surgery or in the comfort of your own home.

Don’t overlook your oral health

Enhancing your smile with cosmetic treatments is one thing, but maintaining a healthy smile is something else entirely. Good oral health is essential to everyone, not just to protect your teeth and gums but to protect your overall general health as well.

Regular visits to our friendly hygienists here at 543 is vital to maintaining good oral health alongside regular check-ups with your dentist. Your hygienist can help to shift those stubborn stains caused by tea, coffee or smoking, remove troublesome tartar build-up to prevent tooth decay, scale and polish and also give advice on how to clean your teeth, improve your diet or maybe make some general lifestyle changes to prevent dental problems in the future.

A little extra protection

A quick note to all budding football and sports stars of the future. If you or your child enjoys playing a contact sport such as football, rugby, hockey or martial arts, why not ask your dentist for advice about a sports mouthguard? It’s a small investment to avoid dental injury, trauma and tooth loss and could save a lot of money and heartache from playing the sport you love the most.

Get in touch

We wish all the teams in the 2022 World Cup the best of luck and no matter who is the eventual winner, we hope to see more of the players’ gleaming white smiles setting a good example both on and off the pitch!


If you are interested in any of the cosmetic dental treatments we offer here at 543 Dental or would like to find out more about our 0% finance option to help spread the cost of treatment, call us today on 07772 640585.