While so many plans have come unstuck over the past year due to the three national lockdowns, there has been one area that people have really embraced and that’s taking more time to invest in their personal appearance.

Whether it’s to look good on Zoom or Teams, or because we want to look our best now that we can get out and about again, the desire to fix chipped or missing teeth is rife. And those who are back in the physical workplace needn’t miss out either. Thanks to new technology 543 Dental Centre can create and fit a crown in just one day, meaning a new smile can be yours without the need to miss work due to multiple dental appointments.

What’s on offer?

Crowns are a great way to repair a tooth that has been broken or weakened by decay or a very large filling. A crown can restore strength, functionality, shape and size and significantly improve the appearance of a tooth.

Using traditional methods, such treatment requires at least two dental appointments; the first to prepare the tooth, take an impression, note the tooth shade and fit a temporary crown; the second (usually a few weeks later) to fit the permanent crown which has been prepared in a dental laboratory.

Now, at 543 Dental Centre we can offer patients the option of having a natural-looking, well-fitting, permanent crown made and fitted in just one appointment, using state-of-the-art CEREC® technology.

Speed and comfort

Anyone who has had a traditional impression taken knows how messy, time-consuming and uncomfortable they can be, but with a same-day crown your dentist will use a digital intraoral scanner to take a ’virtual’ impression of your teeth. The procedure takes just a few minutes, is clean, fast and accurate, with minimum patient contact.

Using the digital images, the crown is professionally designed by your dentist on-screen in the surgery, using powerful computer software, while you sit back and relax. The crown is made same-day at 543 Dental Centre while you wait, creating a great looking, well-fitting crown in less than 30 minutes. The dentist then adds some characterisation to make sure it matches with your surrounding teeth and fits the crown. In most cases a single crown can be prepared, designed and produced in around 3 hours.

Your safety is our concern

At 543 Dental Centre the care and wellbeing of our patients remains a number one priority. We continue to work hard to ensure our practice is COVID-secure and have put a lot of extra measures in place for your protection and to keep our team safe too.

Same-day crowns save you time and with just one appointment usually required this latest advanced technology delivers fast, safe treatment and a great result that you’ll be happy to smile about.


Watch the video about same-day crowns on our website to find out more, or call us on 01482 565488 to talk to us about the options available to you to obtain a beautiful new smile.