It can be a pain when you realise you’ll have to take time off work for dental treatment. Taking time off either means less annual leave for the fun stuff, or lost income. Neither option is good news…

However, if it’s a new dental crown you need, you may not have to take as much time off work as you thought. At 543 Dental Centre we can take a scan of your teeth, and then design, produce and fit a crown all in one appointment – thanks to some neat digital dentistry kit.

A quick scan

It starts with a fast and comfortable scan with our Omnicam intraoral scanner. Replacing those messy traditional impressions, the Omnicam is basically a camera on the end of a slim handpiece which your dentist will pass swiftly over your teeth in a matter of seconds.

Digital images of your teeth are immediately transferred onto a full-colour screen, which your dentist will then use to determine the exact measurements of your crown. The digital software is then used to design the perfect replacement tooth there and then.

Sit back and relax

Once you and your dentist are happy with the design, it’s sent straight to our chairside milling unit, which produces your crown whilst you relax with a coffee and a magazine in the comfort of our waiting room.

The finished crown can then be fitted, so you can walk out with your new permanent tooth in place! The whole process normally takes about 3 hours – from initial appointment to leaving with your new smile – no extra appointments required.

Fast and beautiful results

The material used to create our crowns is extremely life-like and can be characterised to create a really good match with your natural surrounding teeth, so you won’t be able to tell which tooth isn’t real.

And, our CEREC® crowns are guaranteed for 2 years, so if you do encounter any teething problems (no pun intended!), we can quickly resolve them for you.

We understand how precious your time is and that’s why we aim to keep you in the surgery for as little time as possible. Offering CEREC Same Day Crowns to our patients is an opportunity for us to use the latest, advanced technology to give the fastest and most comfortable treatment possible.

Watch the video about Same Day Crowns on our website to find out more. Arrange to talk to us about your options by calling on 01482 565488 or sending us a message.