Remember when fat was out and foods were being pumped full of sugar to boost flavour? Now sugar has been identified as the real culprit in the nation’s health problems, and we in the dental profession are trying hard not to say, “We told you so.”

For many years, dental professionals have been warning of the dangers of sugar to oral health, and we’re pleased that our concerns are finally being taken seriously by the wider health community. Public Health England published a report last year stating pointedly that, “We are eating too much sugar and it is bad for our health.” They then went on to recommend several courses of action, including stricter labelling and a higher rate of tax on high-sugar foods and drinks.

We welcome these proposals, however we also know that government can only go so far. In order to really make a difference, we need to play our part and better educate our patients about the dangers of sugar so you can use that information to take care of your teeth and those of your family.

At 543 we will be using our newly-updated website to make this type of information easily available to patients. With easier access to healthcare information, and giving dietary advice as part of our routine dental hygiene appointments, we hope to get the low-sugar message through to patients. Also using our Brush Stop and the Teeth Team programme for children, we are getting the message out there early in life when we can make the most difference. It’s always better to prevent bad habits rather than try and cure them.

We want to urge all of our patients to take full advantage of the above resources to ensure you’re doing everything possible to take care of not only your teeth but your general health as well. And remember, if you have any questions please get in touch.