Take advantage of Nutella’s fall from grace to give your breakfast table a makeover


Social media has been abuzz since the revelation earlier this month that Nutella, that breakfast favourite of children everywhere, has quietly changed its recipe to include even more sugar and fat. While everyone else is making strides to reduce sugar content, following on from the advice of dentists, doctors and researchers alike, Nutella seems to have lost the plot and consumers are rightfully indignant.

Let’s be clear – Nutella was never a healthy option to begin with, but there was certainly no call to make it even more harmful to children’s health. Many parents are now boycotting the brand, but we’d go one step further and, rather than replacing it with a generic or alternative chocolate spread, urge you to consider healthier midweek breakfast options instead. To help, we’ve put together a few suggestions:

  • Overnight oats (mix your porridge oats with plain or low-sugar fruit yoghurt and leave in the fridge overnight)
  • Warm porridge/oatmeal with fresh or frozen fruits (berries freeze especially well)
  • Hardboiled eggs (boil them ahead of time and keep in fridge; in the morning peel and halve them and, if preferred, warm them in the microwave for 10-20 seconds)
  • Cheese cubes with fresh fruit (grapes or watermelon batons go especially well with cheese)
  • Fresh fruit salad – or even just a banana!
  • Wholegrain toast or bagel with cream cheese
  • Greek yogurt with nuts
  • No (or low) sugar wholegrain cereal

For more ideas, visit the NHS’s Change 4 Life website or ask us at your next appointment. And if you have any suggestions to add, why not post them on social media and tag us in (@543dentalcentre)? We’d love to hear what you come up with!