Calling all new parents! 

You look after your own teeth, right? What about your new baby’s? 

You may think that, because your new little bundle of joy doesn’t have teeth yet, you don’t need to worry about their dental care. Not true! 

Your baby’s early days, weeks and months are all about firsts: 

  • First bath
  • First smile
  • First word

And everything they see and hear are being stored as part of their first subconscious memories, whether they appear to be paying attention or not!

So now is your golden opportunity to bring them in to the dental surgery with you and let them start to experience the sights, sounds and smells, so it’s not something scary later when you bring them in for their check-ups.

And just when should that first dental check-up take place? As early as possible – it’s literally never too soon.

We encourage you to use the Rule of Firsts:

  • First Tooth
  • First Birthday 

Whichever comes FIRST!

Remember, your baby’s dental care is FREE until they turn 18! So there’s no excuse – bring them in to see us – we love the chance to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’! And, whatever you do, don’t let them have their first birthday before their first check-up!

Meanwhile, check out these FAQs about your baby’s dental health.

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