At 543, we’re big on families. Known for being strong advocates for improving children’s dental hygiene in the region, we’re also dedicated to making the 543 Dental Centre a welcoming place for everyone in your clan – from the great-grandparents right down to the newest additions. And nothing would make us happier than seeing you all come in together for your dental checks!


How do we do it?
We’re always looking for new ways to help you all feel happy to come in and comfortable whilst you’re with us. Some examples are:

The Brush Stop
The Brush Stop is a special area in our practice where our very own Oral Health Educators give advice to your children on all aspects of oral hygiene. They can show them tooth brushing and cleaning techniques, such as flossing or using interdental brushes and even apply fluoride varnish if required.

Air conditioning
All of our surgeries are air-conditioned, which means they’re kept at a comfortable temperature and there’s no stale ‘medical’ smell!

Disabled access
We have disabled car parking spaces available in our car park and a ramp at the back of the surgery for wheelchair access. All of our downstairs surgeries are wheelchair accessible, so if you want to have access to one of these surgeries, just let us know when you book your appointment.

Home visits
We also can offer home visits to patients who are housebound or in care. These visits can be for check-ups and denture work. We are however, unable to carry out treatment in your home, as this work needs to be done in the clinical environment of the dental practice.

Conscious sedation
Conscious sedation is something we offer those patients who are extremely nervous and unable to tolerate treatment otherwise. It is available for extractions on the NHS, however other treatment can be done under sedation privately. Sedation is given intravenously through the back of your hand by a qualified anaesthetist and it makes you feel sleepy and relaxed, so although you are still aware of your surroundings, you aren’t anxious about what is happening. Sedation can only be carried out via a dentist referral.

General anaesthetic
General anaesthesia is available for extractions on children. This is carried out at the hospital on a Saturday morning. The children are referred by their own dentist for this treatment.

So why not book to bring the whole family in for their first check-up of the year? To learn more about the services we offer families, call us today on 01482 565 488.