For new mums and dads, your baby’s life is a series of ‘firsts’:

First bath
First smile
First word

And as soon as you see that first tooth, it’s time to bring them in for their first dental visit.

Good dental hygiene habits start early, so take the time to set your child up with healthy teeth for life. By bringing your baby in to the dentist before he or she even begins to form memories, routine dental care will be a natural part of their health regimen and not something to fear.

Regular visits will also help you as parents know that you’re doing everything right – from showing your child how to brush to making sure they use the correct kind and amount of toothpaste. And by reinforcing the message that teeth are as important as the rest of their health, you’re helping ensure they take seriously dental health advice such as limiting sugar, which will also have benefits for their physical and mental well-being.

At 543 we have a whole area of our practice reserved for educating children about their teeth and dental health. It’s called The Brush Stop and it’s fun and interactive as well as being educational!

Meanwhile, many of your FAQs  regarding your child’s dental health are answered on our website. And remember, it’s never too early to get your baby registered at 543. Don’t let them have their first birthday before their first check-up!

Call 01482 565 488 to register your baby with 543 Dental Centre today.

And if you know someone who’s just had a new baby, why not download our Baby Checkup Postcard and pop it in with your congratulations card? Alternatively, phone reception and ask us to post one out – we’d be happy to!