As you start preparing to get your children to go back to school after the looooong summer break you will no doubt have some form of checklist (New uniform – check! Stationery – check! Shiny new shoes – check! Healthy teeth and gums – check?)

Now is the perfect time to get your children’s teeth looked at – in fact, it might just be the most important part of the new school year ritual. At 543 Dental we recommend regular visits to our hygienists, as well as routine dental checkups. Your children will come home with their mouths and teeth feeling wonderfully clean and fresh right in time for returning to school. Our hygienists will show your children how to maintain excellent oral hygiene and turn teeth cleaning from a ‘chore’ into a habit of a lifetime

A 543 custom sportsguard – check!

Along with the return to school comes the return to the joys of PE lessons (oh those memories of cross-country runs in the rain – shiver!). If your child enjoys playing a contact sport, consider investing in a sportsguard to avoid dental injury, trauma or tooth loss.

At 543 Dental we can provide custom sportsguards in-house, offering superior protection for your face, teeth, jaw, and gums. Given the cost of repairing a dental trauma can often run to thousands, investing in a sportsguard is a no-brainer. Getting your bespoke sportsguard will usually require two sessions at 543 Dental – one to have your dental impressions taken, which are used by a dental lab to create that perfect fit; and a final appointment at which you can collect and try out your sportsguard.

Now is the perfect time to book your child’s checkup or sportsguard consultation ready for the new term. Phone us on 01482 565 488 today!