Dental Crowns

A permanent practical and cosmetic solution for damaged or dead teeth

A damaged or broken tooth can drain your confidence. It can also develop into a more serious problem if you leave it untreated. With a new crown, you’ll have a healthier mouth and a brighter smile.

  • What type of crown do I need?

    If we can’t repair your tooth with a simple filling or inlay, we’ll recommend one of two crowns: gold or ceramic.

    Gold/Silver-coloured crowns
    Hardwearing and kind to your mouth, these are best suited to your back teeth.

    Tooth-coloured crowns
    Also called caps, tooth-coloured crowns are perfect for your front teeth. They’re made from porcelain bonded to a metal shell.

  • Do you offer all-porcelain crowns?

    Yes, if you don’t want any metal, we can fit Procera or e.max all-ceramic crowns, if suitable for your teeth.

    How is a crown fitted?

    Your dentist trims down your tooth to a cylindrical shape and takes an impression. The impression goes off to a laboratory where your crown is made. Your dentist cements your new crown in place with a special adhesive

How much does a crown cost?



NHSNot all types of crowns are available on the NHS





STARTING FROMVarious crowns available


Did you know?

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Now that’s something to smile about…