A removable replacement solution for missing teeth

Are some of or all your teeth missing or decayed? Dentures can boost your confidence, help you eat almost all foods without pain or embarrassment, and restore the facial contour around your mouth.

  • What type of denture do I need?

    Depending on how many of your teeth are missing, you’ll need either a complete denture or a partial denture.

    Complete denture
    This replaces all your upper and lower teeth, and fits over your gums and jawbone.

    Partial denture
    This replaces one or a couple of missing or decayed teeth. It’s made up of a plastic or metal plate with false teeth attached, and uses metal clasps to clip onto your nearby natural teeth.

  • How long do dentures last?

    Your dentures will need replacing after about five years. But you should have your dentist check them and your mouth once a year.

    Are there alternatives to dentures?

    You might be able to have dental implants as an alternative to dentures, or as part of your treatment. Even a simple procedure of fitting a couple of implants can ‘lock’ the denture into position and stop it moving.

How much do dentures cost?



NHSNot all types of dentures are available on the NHS





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Did you know?

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