Dental Fillings

Fillings are used to repair cavities in your teeth and protect against decay

Fillings are used to repair cavities in your teeth and protect against decay. At 543 Dental Centre, we offer both traditional (amalgam) and white (composite) fillings.

  • What are amalgam fillings?

    Amalgam/silver-coloured fillings are the standard NHS treatment for replacing part of a tooth that has been lost or removed due to dental decay. While they are effective, many people choose to replace them with the more natural alternative of white fillings.

  • What are white fillings

    White or composite fillings are a more natural way to return your teeth to their original colour and shape. They are made of tooth-coloured resin and are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional metal fillings. White fillings are usually only available on a private basis.

    How do you apply white fillings

    We prepare the tooth for the filling by removing any decay and placing a blue gel on the tooth. After rinsing this away, we place special glue on the tooth to bond the white filling in place. We use a blue light to make the filling harden – then it’s ready for polishing.

How much do fillings cost?



NHSSmall white fillings on front teeth and amalgam on back teeth





STARTING FROMPrices vary for composite and larger fillings


Did you know?

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