Want to Look Younger in the New Year? Be Careful!

The holiday party season is now in full swing and, for many men and women, that means looking for a cosmetic lift to boost your self-confidence. Just beware of the darker side of facial party preparation – so-called ‘Botox parties’ – that could have disastrous consequences. Here at 543 Dental, we are clinically qualified to offer safe facial aesthetic treatments – here’s why that’s so important.

The news these days is awash with horror stories about botched Botox or dermal fillers, either at the hands of unqualified high street providers or at one of an increasing number of ‘Botox parties’ being held in living rooms across the country. The provision of facial aesthetic injectables is largely unregulated in the UK, which means that just about anyone can offer them.

It brings to mind the dark ages of dentistry, when you’d go to your local blacksmith or barber to have a tooth pulled. Having (thankfully) moved beyond those dangerous and unsanitary practices, why on earth would you let anyone except a properly trained medical or dental professional inject things into your face? Any slight cost savings are more than offset by the real risk of long-term or even permanent damage or disfigurement.

The thing is that facial aesthetic injectables really are quite safe when performed by the right practitioner. Dentists undergo years of training in facial structures and anatomy, so are ideally qualified to ensure your facial aesthetic treatment gives you the result you’re after without causing you any harm. We’ll have you looking refreshed and feeling more confident strutting into every holiday party of the season – and you won’t need to worry about being the next horror story on the news!

To learn more about the anti-wrinkle treatments we offer at 543 Dental, check out our facial aesthetics pages. And if you have any questions or concerns, call us today on 01482 565 488 – we’re always happy to help!